App for your Veterinary Clinic

It's not enough in this day and age to just have a great veterinary clinic. No matter how great your staff, services, and prices are, and no matter how much you differentiate yourself from your peers, opportunities are slipping through your fingers to serve your clients better. You need a new tool to encourage your clients to make the most of your amazing business.

Encourage Marketing builds custom iPhone, iPad, and Android applications for your clinic, branded with your logo and name, and distributed through authorized App Stores. The apps will be a little reminder of your clinic in your client's pocket, 24 hours a day. Reach out and communicate with them when you need to, and use our tools to encourage them to come back and spend their valuable dollars on your products and services.

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Reward Card

Encourage your clients to come back to the clinic with a reward card. Give them a "paw print" for every $75 spent at the clinic, and a discount in the clinic once they fill up a 12 stamp card. People will drive across town to pick up their food when they know it is veterinary quality, and they'll get a paw print for it.

Our reward card is very customizable, so that it fits within your business. We'll give you some advice based upon our experience, but you can choose how many paw prints are required to redeem a reward, and what paw prints are given out for.

Wellness / Vaccine Reminder

Plug in the date of a patient's last exam, and your clinic's app will automatically remind the owner 30 days before they're due for the next annual wellness exam.

At the push of a button your client can e-mail in a request to book their appointment, making it a low-friction experience to come back in to the clinic every year.

Easy Communication

Clients can fill out a simple form to e-mail an appointment, food or medication request straight to your front-desk staff. Your clinic can then book an appointment and text or call the client back to confirm.

It's easy for clinic staff, easy for clients, and helps drive more business in the front door.


One-time setup fee:$299
Monthly maintenance:$149 / month

Special pricing is available for philanthropic clinics, multiple clinics, or annual contracts. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Prices exclude applicable Canadian sales taxes (GST, HST). Canada

  • Your App will be online within four weeks. (*)
  • Supports iPhone 4s and newer, and Android 4 and newer.

* Note that we are required to submit your apps to Google and Apple for distribution on their app stores. Typically this process takes about two weeks, but, it is out of our control and may vary.

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We'll lead you through a few simple registration steps, and your custom veterinary clinic app will be driving more revenue in the door before you know it.

If you have any trouble, you can always reach out to us at and our small but friendly team will help you out.